Happy "Halle" ween!

We started our Halloween Festivities a little early this year.
(translation : I started decorating for fall and halloween in early September....)

Last weekend Pat & Jen invited us to the Nielson Halloween Party. We love Pat's family and LOVE Jen & Pat for always inviting us and making us feel like part of the family. We can't wait to spend Halloween with you guys trick or treating.
{lil' sis Morgan- Halle bug - Joshy boy}

This week we continued with the halloween spirit (in which some may or may not have had a choice in participating) and carved pumpkins. I was happy to start the tradition!
{Pumpkin Seeds}
Yup, they didn't exactly turn out. Why do I even try to be like Martha sometimes?

by scott
so talented when it comes to using knives

by Jonathan
he's a bit on the amazingly artsy side

{Jack Skeleton}
by Jill
to go with her Nightmare Before Christmas decorations

by Kaity
I know, right? Don't even ask how long this crap show took me

ok maybe the lack of talent on my part is the only thing frightening



Yesterday afternoon, my friend, my mentor, and one of the GREATEST people I have EVER met had her life taken from her. Withing a matter of minutes some low life took around $20,000 worth of photography equipment from Heidi's car as she ran into XPEDX. To all that know Heidi, or even if you don't... you've seen her work decorate my blog. She is amazing and this is how she has supported her family.

This was taken from Dustin Izatt's blog
Today was the best of days and the worst of days. I got to shoot a wedding today for the best couple ever Hailey and Nic. Over the past few months we have become so close we are like family so today I was so excited for their wedding. A fellow photographer and instant friend Heidi Walker of Heidi J Photography was kind enough and so excited to come and second shoot for me today. We instantly hit it off and she is just the sweetest photographer i’ve met and we joked back and forth together all afternoon. Well as many of you have heard, there have been many camera thefts around the temple from LOW LIFES that will follow the photographers from the temple, and if they stop at a store with their gear in the car, the slimeballs will rush in and steal all of the photographers gear. Thanks SO much news media for advertising to the world how much our gear is worth so the thieves now know to target us.
Anyways, Long story short, Heidi got all of her gear stolen and it makes my heart ache. Read all about it on her BLOG. This was her passion and she lost everything, she invested so much more than the $20,000 in gear that was stolen. She invested time, invested money into numerous workshops, into education and learning editing skills, program skills. Then some D-Bag comes and takes it all away from her. Her gear was not insured. She used that gear to support her family in an honest way and as much as I wish I could catch this thief and give him the beat down of a life time, the only other thing I can do is to jump in and call out for help.
I would like for anyone willing and able to help Heidi out and show her that there is still good in this world. It broke my heart to hear her in tears all day and worse than the gear being robbed, I think they stole her heart and trust with it. I feel dead inside as well and I wasn’t even the victim.
I am going to start a donation fund for Heidi to help out with replacing equipment, renting equipment for shoots until her gear is replaced or recovered, etc. I am going to personally donate $200 of my own money to get the ball rolling. Also, any sales made from my album templates for the next two weeks will all go to Heidi’s donation fund. Also, any one on one mentoring sessions that anyone signs up for during the next two weeks will also be fully donated to Heidi. For any brides out there that have been thinking about booking me, the very next wedding that books, I will donate all of your wedding package (minus the cost of any product) to Heidi to help her get back on her feet and help restore her hope. Also if you would like to just donate a dollar or two or three to my paypal account dustin@dustinizatt.com and just put For Heidi in the notes, I promise every penny of the donations will be given to Heidi.



somebody's turning one

The amazingly talented Heidi JUST posted these to her photo blog, obviously I could not wait to share! Heidi is amazing, really she is. I love learning from this beautiful and creative person. Go check out her blog for more fun pics!

{This little girl has more attitude than most teenagers}

{See what I mean?}

{"Fun" facts about this shoot}
*The onesie was made by my lovely mother in law Karen, and myself. (the actual one pictured may or may not have been our second go around....)*
*I googled and you tubed how to make the giant cupcake cake, spent hours making a special candy mold and attempting to make the cake.... as you can see there is NO giant cupcake cake*
*SO CUPCAKE is a lifesaver in time crunch "cake emergencies"*
*Yes I really did go through all that trouble just so she could trash the cake*
*Another failed attempt was a birthday hat.... hence the adorable tiara. Somebody remind me that I am not as crafty as I think I am*
*Halle got so frustrated with me during this shoot that she started banging her head on the ground and in the cake... remember, I'm a good mom*
*Is she REALLY going to be 1 in 5 short days??*


Nearly a year

{forgive the quality of these, they were taken with my little point & shoot}
I can hardly believe it. This has been the fastest year of my life! Halle is going to be one in just a few short weeks. I find myself becoming so consumed in the everyday that I forget to slow down. When I do, I look at her and think... that's my baby? I realized I haven't taken a single picture of her in over a month. (again... i've just been busy, hardly an excuse right?).
{Stay tuned for her 1 year pics... we're totally trashing the cake}