Catching up

So since it's been forever (again). Seems I have some 'splainin to do. First off let me apoligize, my posts NEVER have pictures. Blame it on not having internet at my house, Jon can't conform to either Direct TV or Dish (neither of them have ALL the lame sports channels he "needs"). I swear he's a little anal. So it's been nothing but basic cable and solitaire for the past little bit! Anyhow Merry Christmas, followed by a Happy New Year. Both we're spent here at the effing North Pole! Remind me why I agreed to moving here in the first place. We had alot of fun however. Instead of doing Christmas for eachother, we adopted a little boy from the Angel Tree and gave him a great Christmas. This is something we've decided to do every other year! Brings the TRUE meaning of Christmas. Thanks to family and friends we got some really great gifts, including 2 new Ipods and 2nd ROW COURTSIDE JAZZ TICKETS!!
New Year was spent up at Jon's sister's house. We LOVE Jen and Pat and their super cute little boy! Josh is our one and only nephew as of now and we can't get enough of him. We love hanging out with these guys! We're lucky they're some of our best friends.
Speaking of New Year, i'm not one for resolutions. Instead I like to think of all the wonderful things that 2008 holds in store for me!
*I promise this will be my LAST picture-less post! I have many great things to blog about*

JAZZ GAME (we had to practically wipe the players sweat off of us
OUR NEW PUP (A little Jack Russell named Cosmo)
SISTER KENDRA (Did I mention it's girl??)