See Grandpa!

See dad, told you she LOVES it...
(and she's obssessed with Tegan's too!)


Living Planet Aquarium

Once we got there, she pretty much wanted nothing to do with me. Halle absolutely LOVED every single second of it, the stingrays, the fish, the coral reef play area. It took some work to get her to leave. Needless to say, we'll be going back more than once :).

So happy we got to spend time with Kendra and Retlee before they moved to Las Vegas. Halle & Ret are only 6 months apart and the same size, they're as different as night and day but together those two are quite mischievious. Partners-in-crime actually... I swear!


A lovely Christmas tradition

My attempt to "catch up".
The holidays are a busy time with the Lamberts. It seems like the second we get back from California each year (for Thanksgiving and what not with my family) it's a nonstop schedule of parties, concerts and get togethers. It's impossible NOT to be in the Christmas spirit, especially since Karen always takes Jen, Erin and I to see the Forgotten Carols around the first week of December.

(and blame it on the hustle & bustle of the season for forgetting my camera 99% of the time)

{Donut Night 2009}
Halle, Brynnley, Morgan
Dave & Gayle Lambert have made it a tradition each year to host the family at their house for a night of homemade chilis & donuts. Entirely too much eating ensues and we all smell like greaseballs when we leave but I promise it's worth it.


turns out

might be why 23 years later I am still biting my nails & a week after new year's I was back to diet coke.

Anyhow, I'm giving in and at it again, even though my entire list is {still} gone.

So bare with me, i'm recreating my bloglist & will get to Christmas happenings and what not soon enough.

*however in my down time I was able to give my blog a bit of a facelift, you like?*


For serious????????????

Are you effing kidding me??!!!!!!!
I.E. My entire list of friends and family.
Yup, GONE!

Full on no longer in existance.

I hate you blog.

I am now on blogging hiatus.
(until you decide to play nice and bring my entire list back)