Sweet Sweet Summer

We've had a fun (& busy) summer this year.
Pardon the fact that this post is very haphazard and out of order.

We ventured up to Red Butte Gardens with Heidi & Bridget for little Taitley's 1 year photoshoot! Go here to see how adorable they turned out!

:Red Butte Gardens:

Keith, Natalie & Kenz came to visit. The girls had a blast together!
:Halle & Kenz:

Halle got her first "real" haircut. No more mullet-ish hair for this little girl. I would be lying if I said I didn't cry as her curls fell to the floor.

We've been swimming like crazy this summer and Halle has become SO brave. She only wears water wings and jumps off the side by herself (without anyone to catch her!), goes completely underwater and swims to the steps to do it again. She is such a little fish!


August was a very busy month for us, we had something going on every week from Erin's Wedding(pics to come), a trip to St.George and camping.

:Mirror Lake 2010:

(Yes I know she slightly resembles a 70yr old woman from Boca Raton in these pictures)

St.George... again. With Karen, Grandma June, Jen, Josh and Morgan. It was so much fun, we spent alot of time swimming(obviously), painting pottery, & playing at the main street splash pad.
We also went to see Tarzan at Tuacahn. It was amazing, really. Halle sat through the entire thing in awe and loved the "gwillas".


:Splish Splash:

Josh & Halle decided to have a dance party one day while we were in St.George. We were all laughing so hard!

(Gotta love Halle... messy hair, no pants and covered in oreos. What? It was a vacation..)