2 months

I can't believe she's already past 2 months! I swear time flies! Here are her 2 month stats

Height {85th percentile}
Weight {65th percentile}
Head circumference {40th percentile}
(haha Jon and I both have kinda little heads)
We love her more and more everyday. Check her out in the bumbo, she's been sitting by herself in it for quite a while now. Probably helps that her head is on the small side.
She is always blowing bubbles and she drools like crazy, hope it doesn't mean she's teething. Her doc said it's just excess saliva she hasn't figured out how to swallow yet.
Halle is constantly chatting away, takes after mom that's for sure. She'll have full on "conversations" with anyone who will look at her. I love it.
She has almost rolled over, but mainly just rolls up on her side all the time!
As for me...

I don't believe in New Year's Resolutions so here are some things I'm looking forward to for '09.

Gym atleast 3-4 times per week

Cooking dinner


Drinking more water

and less Diet Coke (stupid Sonic Happy Hour)

Up OUR (as a family) church attendance

Trips to St.George (someday I WILL move back)

Enjoying everyday moments

Taking more pictures

Loving life as it is, instead of how I think it should be

and as 2009 goes on, I will be a better blogger.