My {BIG} little girl

Oh I just LOVE her!

{ Halle's 4 Month Stats}

Height. 26.1"... 99th Percentile
Weight. 14.8lbs ... 70th Percentile
Head. 15.9 ... 25th Percentile

I couldn't believe it when our doc came in, he looks at her and says " wow, she looks like she should be 6-7 months old". (Minus her head I guess. Haha, I love it!). She is wearing mostly 6-9 months clothes, especially all her pants. I should have taken that as a hint I guess.
Some fun things about Halle bug at 4 months

.Still loves to talk.
.Rolls from stomach to back.
.Her arm always gets in the way when she attempts to roll from back to front.
.So she turn herself into circles instead.
.LOVES to stand, she's wobbly but she loves it.
.Anytime you lay her down, she uses every muscle in her stomach to try to sit up.
.Slobbers like nobody's business.
.Is mesmorized by Bugs Life, Finding Nemo, and Baby Einsteins.
.Digs the bumbo.
.Love love loves her swing.
.Favorite times of the day? Bath time, getting her diaper changed, and of course eating.
.Laughs her head off at just about anything.
.Adores her daddy.
.Everyone says she looks just like her mama.

And since she's now 4 months old, the doctor told us to start introducing solids.
So we were patient this time and tried again.



.And. OH.



What a messy little monster! She was a bit uncoordinated with the spoon, kept trying to use it as a straw almost and really just wanted to grab it. It turned out way better than that little disaster last time. Right Jill? Ha! Practice makes perfect.


Just to pass the time...

Yet another lack of posting... things have been crazy. I swear I just work too much. Halle is already 4 months! Time flies by, she has her 4 month appointment on Wednesday, i'm excited to see how much she has grown, but not so much excited for her to get more shots :(. I've recently re-read BabyWise and am so happy about it. Halle has always slept through the night, and still sleeps atleast 9 hours every night but she's been weird with naps. She'll sometimes sleep an hour but mainly just takes 20 minute cat naps in between playtime and feeding. Needless to say after babywising up again, she's an avid napper. If you have not read this book.... do! Love love love it. Everyone is always telling me how "lucky" I am for having such a happy baby. It's not luck people :). Also Kendra and I had the girl's pictures' taken. Gianne Snow did them, and I can not WAIT to see them all. I will post them as soon as I get them! Gianne is an amazing photographer, honestly! She is so freaking talented! I wish I was her. We met a couple years ago through Jill... it's nice to have a friend who does photography. Here's a little sneak peek she posted on her website, check her out!!

Also i've been meaning to do this for awhile.

(all about Halle)

1.Where were you when you first found out you were prego? At home

2.Who was with you? NO ONE! Well.... except Hobbes.

3. How did you find out you were pregnant? 2 Pregnancy tests I picked up at the grocery store (just in case). I had been super sick and thought nothing of it because I have never been "regular".

4. What was your first reaction to being pregnant? Freaked out of my mind!!! I was in complete shock and denial.

5. Who was the first person you told? Technically Hobbes found out first, I screamed and he came running into the bath room and I just started bawling. I did not know what to do, Jon was playing volleyball and would not answer his phone so I called Jordi and she was so excited and asked how Jon felt.... still hadn't told him at this point! It took me calling his little brother's phone to track him down, he rushed home because he thought someone had died due to my reaction. Whoops.

6. Did you plan to get pregnant? Nope!

7. Did you tell everyone else right away? No joke, Jon took me over to his parents house so we could tell his parents and talk to his mom... and then left me to go finish playing volleyball!!

8. Was everyone happy for you? Shock was the initial reaction.

9. Did you go out n celebrate? See #7. Call that celebrating?

10. Did you wanna find out the sex? YES OF COURSE I COULDN'T WAIT

11. What was the sex? GIRL

12. Did anyone throw you a shower? I had a few :). Thank you thank you!

13. Did you get any outfits that you knew you wouldn't ever put on your baby? Yes hahah.. I'm picky about clothes but over all I got a lot of great stuff and a good variety

14. How much weight did you gain? 35-40 lbs. I gained nearly 10 in the last week!

15. Did you lose all the weight that you gained? Almost.

16. Did you get any stretch marks? I was lucky :)

17. What did you crave the most? I really didn't crave anything the thought of food actually made me more sick. I just ate a ton of fruit (cause it wasn't as bad throwing it back up)

18. Did you crave anything crazy? Not really, I drank regular coke which I normally HATE but for some reason it helped me not throw up as much.

19. Who or what got on your nerves? probably my husband I never felt good so I was just tired and a grouch... I probably got on his nerves much more :) Did I mention I hate being prego??? haha

20. Did you have any complication with your pregnancy? Hyperemesis. Severe morning sickness. Ooooh the I.V.'s..... yuck!

21. When and where did you go into labor? It was Halloween and I had been having a really hard time breathing and kept nearly passing out. I had this headache for a couple of days and went to the hospital that night (after finishing handing out candy and playing Rock Band of course) and it turned out I was in labor so they started me on pitocin to get things moving!

22. Did your water break? No my Doc broke it at the hospital.

23. Who drove to the hospital? My sweet hubby... we were so anxious:)

24. Who was in the room when you gave birth? It was quite the social event. There was the doctor on call, her med student, my nurse, HER med student, some other nurse, my hubby, sister Kendra, Sandi mom, Karen, Erin, Jen. Hope I didn't leave anyone out...

25. Did you go early or late? In between two due dates. (Oct. 27th and Nov. 3rd)

26. How long were you in labor for? I got to the hospital around 10:30pm on Halloween and Halle was born the next evening at 6:16pm.

27. Did you have drugs for the pain? Oh yes.. and I'm so glad I did. It was a light epidural so I was still able to move around on my own.

28. Natural or C-section? Natural

29. What was your first reaction when she was first born? I was in awe, labor and delivery for me was AWESOME. I laughed through the pushing and when she born I was just amazed. A little freaked at first 'cause she didn't cry right away. Just her personality I guess :).

30. How big was she? 8lbs. 6oz. Surprised the doctors....

31. Did your husband cry? I'm pretty sure he got pretty teared up though it's all kind of a blur

32. What did you name your baby? Halle Jeanne

33. Any significant Meaning? First name ... No.. Middle... Yes.. kinda cool. It's my middle name, my dad's sister's name, was my mom's mom's name AND Jon's grandma's name. All spelled the same way. Weird.

34. Any visitors? Yes lotts... All of our family, cousins, friends... we are very loved:)

35. Did baby have any complication? None at all. She's perfect!

36. How old is your baby today? Just over 4 months

37. When is the next one coming? Who knows... sometimes i'm baby hungry. Other times I remember how miserable I was and realize I can wait.

38. If you could would you do it all over again? Part of me can't wait! But like I said, the other part can. We'll probably start trying again in 2010.

39.TAG: All you other mama's.

Oh and p.s. Guess who will be in DISNEYLAND in 20 days! YAY!!!