So I HAD to do it... apparently I have a very "pretty" husband. This was hilarious! What's with Jon's celebrity he looks MOST like being Angelina Jolie? Ha!

All by myself....

So Jon is gone (he left early Saturday morning), which means me and Hobbes are kicking it solo. To be honest, at first, I was actually looking forward to a little solitude. I thought, hmmm I'll go to yoga and running EVERYDAY. Plus i'll get to take Hobbes to the dog park for as long as I want without feeling guilty. Ha!
Well it's now tuesday and I guess i'm just not as strong as I thought. I caved in and bought myself a plane ticket. Thursday morning at 7AM I fly out to Seattle. I guess I just missed him too much. The plan is to do the seattle thing, then up to Birch Bay, and Canada. I'm going to try to talk Jon into making a ferry trip over to FORKS!!! Yes that's right. I've heard La Push has the most AMAZING tide pools too! Ha, i'm such a loser. Oh well, i'll post pics when we get back.


My life as a Vegetarian!

So a couple months ago I started researching all about vegetarianism, and a little over a month ago I made the transition. Since I became a vegetarian I have lost 8lbs and feel SO much better! I never feel bloated or get that sick feeling after I eat. I'm not some raving PETA activist or anything, I just feel so much better knowing that I am saving over 100 animals a year and living a more healthy lifestyle.

I HIGHLY suggest EVERYONE watch a horribly shocking video titled "meet your meat". This film documentary narrated by Alec Bladwin is what made my choice for me. It's the terrifying truth behind where the meat you eat come from, how the animals are treated, and what disgusting things are passed by the FDA. I sat and watched this and just cried. It's honestly one of the saddest films I have ever seen. I just wish I would have known about this sooner.

Check out the website
www.goveg.com. There are limitless resources on the topic such as the benefits of being vegetarian, how the animals are treated and what they go through before they reach your plate, great recipes, famous vegetarians (you'll be surprised) and they even have resources to help you make the transition. I practically visit this website daily, also peta.org and peta2.org have very helpful resources on which companies test on animals and the horrible truth behind animal testing. We're NOT just talking about mice and rats! Kittens and Puppies are tested on just as much!



This was hobbes when we first got him, he's about 15lbs. bigger now! Why can't they stay puppies? Still love him though!

So for our bridal shoot ALL Jon had to remember was his dress socks! The tux and all of that was taken are of.... as you can tell he didn't exactly remember! Ha!

And again

I actually look tall!


Bridal Pics!

These are some of our bridal pics, unfortunately we hated the pics from our wedding day! We honestly don't have one saved :( sad story...


So I just found out about this website and am trying to figure out how to use it. I don't know how to post pics yet, so if anyone has tips feel free to share!