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Last weekend, Rori & Doug threw an amazing party for Cash's 2nd Birthday! It was a barnyard theme and they had a petting zoo come to their house! Halle loved all the animals and they had everything from ponies to goats to chickens & ducks and even a rabbit (I kid you not, it was bigger than Halle!).

Typical Halle, the second she gets what she wants... she doesn't want it anymore.

(I have no idea where she gets it from)

Some of the fellow party goers. Stevie is hilarious, Landry is fearless, Cash loves Ella, and aren't Mike and Ang's girls adorable!! Sorry for missing Elizabeth in the pic!

Thanks Cash for inviting us to your awesome birthday party!
p.s. we moved
p.p.s. i'm working on pics


.9 months.

{Halle's 9 Month Stats}

Height. 28.8" ... 90th Percentile

Weight. 19.4lbs ... 60th Percentile

Head Circ... 25th Percentile

Funny story about her 9 month checkup. She had to have her heel pricked to check her iron and also get a shot she missed at her 6 month appointment (the dr's office was out of the vaccine at the time). So we're leaving her appointment and she is happy as can be, blabbing away to her "imaginary friends" in the back seat (it's weird how much she talks when she knows no one can see her). All of a sudden she starts choking(not the scary call 911 choking, but the making funny noises choking). So I reach into the back seat and she has her BAND-AID that they had put on her leg from the shot in her mouth! Sick! So I grab it out of her mouth, she screams for a second and then carries on jabbering away. We had to stop by Home Depot and when Jon went to get her out of her seat... sure enough she had the band-aid from her foot in her mouth too! Ewwww, she's so weird.

.Fastest "crawler" (army crawl/standard crawl/slide/wiggle) she gets so into it it's hilarious.

.Loves to "chase" Josh around anytime she's with him, she loves her cousins.

.Books it away from Mom and Dad anytime we try to "get her".

.Still a dancing fool, Halle is all about it she doesn't even need music, she makes up her own and shakes it... (although if she hears ANY rhythm she goes crazy, anything from cd's to tv to little kids singing to her) .

.Hilarious when she starts dancing and clapping during hymns, we get some funny looks.

.Pulls herself up onto everything.

.Especially loves to climb all over me.

.Has no clue as to what stranger anxiety even is.

.Loves anyone that gives her attention.

.Waits for anyone she sees to look at her, then acts all coy when they do.

.Plays pattycake.

.Waves hi and bye bye.

.Give loves and kisses.

.Would much rather feed herself (this makes feeding time SO much fun)

.Such a little water baby.

.LOVES swimming, we're going to have to be careful with her she already loves to go under water.

.Of course still loves to take showers.

.Soaks the entire bathroom/anyone in it by splashing like crazy during bathtime.

.Went from having 0 teeth to 5 within 2 months.

.Everytime she wakes up from her naps, she sits/kneels so she can play peekaboo through the slats in her crib with you.

.Loves animals and is so excited anytime she is around one.

.Has major attitude, such a sassy little monster.

.Knows when she's done something naughty (like pulling on the shutters, smacking other kids, harrassing Jill and Scotts's cat Tux) and laughs when we tell her no.

.Immediately looks for Hobbes the second I get her out of her crib in the morning.

.So so so much fun at this age, we love how interactive she is with everyone.

(Don't mind Hobbes or how fat he's getting, which should be impossible for how nonstop he is! We put him on a diet. He pretty much hates us for it)



We attempted family pictures last week.... thought The Great Salt Lake would be a great location. Jon did NOT agree. Honestly, who hates sand? Things to remember for our next venture into family pictures.....

*If it's above 70degrees outside Jon will complain about the heat every chance he gets.*

*When bringing the loved family pet... BRING someone ELSE to help control said animal.*

*To ensure a smiley baby, make sure baby is not teething. (every other picture will consist of child with fist in mouth)*

*When shooting at The Great Salt Lake beware of infestation of the largest BLACK WIDOWS ever!!!*

Also we went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house last week with Jon's family and invited Jill and Scott. Of course I make Jon lug my camera around all night and then don't get ONE picture (I stole this one from Jill). Such a beautiful temple, and unlike any of the others i've ever seen. I was told it was because they brought in a different decorator. You can definetly tell. I even wanted some of the furniture for my house.... (how often do say that about temple/church furnishings).

P.S. This picture makes me sad... just proves our babies are growing up. I compared it to one we took of them around 5-6 months old.