I'm off to Draper Days with Heidi *see HERE*
Photography.Bows.Headbands.Hats.Frames.All sorts of fun.
We'd love to have you come by and check us out!

As for your Halle fix....
Yeah, they're pretty much her fav



it's more of an army crawl/slide/scoot/wiggle but it works for her
she would really rather roll (suprisingly really fast) all over

Playing with Uncle Tys
What can I say? He's her fav....

Luckily Halle is all better and back to her normal self. I took her into her doctor for her first "sick" visit ever! She had been a super picky eater and really hadn't been eating at all, she also had a fever which lasted more than 2 or 3 days (which automatically ruled out teething) and after a night of being up with her every couple of hours we decided something must really be up. I mean, Halle has always slept through the night. So we took her in and sure enough she had a UTI, it was so sad! Does anyone even know how bad those hurt?? Poor little girl. They had to stick a catheter up there and she just sat and screamed at me the entire time. It was heartbreaking. Then a couple of days later she ended up getting a yeast infection (a nasty side effect of the antibiotic). However everyone at Families First Pediatrics is wonderful. Halle's usual ped was not working but we loved who we saw, he was so nice and didn't even charge us for the catheter or the visit since we don't have insurance. We are so lucky. Really if you live in the salt lake valley and have kids you need to take them into Families First, all of the doctors there are so great.


Happy 4th of July!

Our 4th was a blast! We spent lots of time with family.... swimming, bbq-ing, having tons of fun, and eating lots of yummy snacks! I even made blue and pink rice crispie treats (the RED didn't exactly turn out...) . We all went to the Bees game later but around 11:00pm with the game still going Jon and I had to get Halle home. She was so not having anymore of sitting there for 4 hours! All of that and we didn't even get to see fireworks on the 4th! There's always next year...

Halle & Retlee

Joshy boy & Halle bug. They're so cute together!

Pretty little Morgan

This pic cracks me up... it's so fun trying to get 3 little kids to look at you!

FUN at the BEES game

And since we didn't want to wait around for 5 hours to see the fireworks.... these are from last weekend at Taylorsville Dayzz