Lights at Temple Square

Last week the temperature warmed to above freezing, so we finally went out to see the lights at Temple Square. Halle loved every second of it and i'm proud to say that I have now seen Temple Square at Christmas. We went with Scott, Jill and Sam and had a good time (minus the $10 for parking). After we had enough of the 20 billion teenagers we drove around to the different Christmas streets around SLC.

{By the by.... the christmas street around 15th and 17th is so not as cool as I was hoping. All it entailed were creepy dolls, mediocre lights, and U fans..... boo}

{She looked hilarious in her hat!}

{Since when is putting 2 1yr olds in a single stroller considered a safety hazard?}


Storytime with Maga

Thought this was too cute to keep to myself
{ Sometimes it starts like this.... }

{And this....}

{However.... it always ends like this}

And this, well I don't even know what to say about this picture. It just makes me laugh. Ha!


O Christmas Tree

Since I am starting to feel much much better, and well since Christmas is about 2 weeks away. We finally got around to setting up all of our Christmas decorations. We picked out a fresh Christmas tree monday night. I don't care if Hobbes eats the pine needles and they are a pain to clean up after. I absolutely love having the smell/feel of a real live christmas tree in my house. Jonathan was as excited as I was and SO FAR Halle has done very very well with leaving the tree alone (too bad that's about all she's not touching).

{Loving on the snow globe}

She winds it and dances to the music every.single.second.

{He did most of it... you should see our lights}

yes, our condo is decked out with lights
interior & exterior

{Placing the Star}

{Falling Asleep}

Did we stick Halle in her Baby Einstein thing? After letting Hobbes out of his crate numerous times and attempting to destroy every decoration....Yes, yes we did.


Seriously, so blessed!... Seriously, so effed!

"The way I see it, if you want the rainbow... you gotta put up with the rain" - Dolly Parton

The story goes a little like this...

Last Monday, Nov.23rd, Jonathan, Halle and I flew out here to Sacramento to spend the holiday/my birthday with my amazing family members we do not see nearly enough. The flight was an adventure (of course it was, we were flying with a 1 year old) but everything turned out fine and my dad picked us all up then took us to lunch down in Old Sac. We at at Joes! right on the river and minus the fact that the entire restaurant was celebrating their birthday (honestly, 4 different people did the birthday thing in the short time we were there) it was a good time. We spent a little time walking around old sac and found an awesome candy shop that we spent entirely too much time in. Later that evening we met up with my grandparents, aunt and cousin and all went out to dinner. It was a blast to catch up, spend time with everyone, and honestly I was just so happy to be here.
At about 3 in the morning I woke up in the worst pain and knew I was having a gallbladder attack (I have had a few before and knew the routine, as horrible as that may be). After throwing up nonstop and barely moving from so much pain I knew something had to be really wrong, it got to the point where I was throwing up tons of bile all over myself because I did not even have the strength to pull myself to a sitting position. My dad came over at about 8am and decided he was taking me to the ER regardless of my protests. After spending the day in the ER, getting another ultrasound, and being shot up with pain and nausea meds until I couldn't even walk they sent me home with Zofran and Percocet and said I should be fine by the next day.
The pain NEVER subsided and I was so sick I couldn't even keep down the Zofran. I still went about the week the best I could determined to have a good Thanksgiving and Birthday! Plus I was here in Cali with people I loved and I wasn't about to just lie around not enjoying it! We made it down to Stacey's house and spent some much needed time with EVERYONE there (we missed you like crazy Ari).
However, after going 6 days without being able to keep anything down (I lied, I kept 1/2 a banana down on the 5th night). Everyone decided that we really needed to head back up to Sacramento and get to a hospital asap, so Sunday morning we drove back up and my grandparents were waiting for me. They called their friend who is a retired surgeon and he told them I needed to get to the emergency room immediately. Nana and dad rushed me off and i've been here ever since. My gallstone became extremely infected and one of the stones passed into the common bile duct which caused me to get a nasty liver infection. I had to have 1 surgery to remove my gallbladder, in which they found they couldn't get the stone from my bile duct so the next day they performed another surgery to remove the stone. When they removed the stone they had to put a stent in the duct to keep it from collapsing, so as I type this I am awaiting my (hopefully) final surgery to remove the stent. My liver infection has been a very serious matter but after 4 days of serious meds things are starting to clear up. I am praying I am out of here tonight, I miss my family.

So in lieu of recent events I can't help but see the good in the bad and count my blessings, but first....

Seriously, so effed! (in no particular order)

I look forward to this trip for 2 years, we couldn't make it out here last year because Halle had just been born.... and I end up spending the entire time so sick and end up in the hospital.
It was my birthday on Thanksgiving
I didn't get to eat ANY of Stacey's amazing food
I didn't get to eat ANY of Stacey's amazing treats
I believe I am the only person ever to lose weight over Thanksgiving holiday
I didn't make it to La Selva Beach Shop to get my fav sweat pants ever
I've been so sick I have barely had the energy to "visit" with anyone
I didn't get to see Ari
I didn't get to see Nat or Paul
I didn't get to see any of my friends out here
I didn't make it to the beach, I was so excited to take Halle and it was about a mile away from where we stayed
I've honestly had less to eat in the past 10 days than I usually eat for a snack
I forgot my camera
I've had 3 different roommates in the hospital with the one i've had the longest being one of the most miserable people I have ever met!
Halle hates being at the hospital, breaks my heart that I only get to see her when she's being a little sass!
I only get to see my family for about an hour a day
My meds pass me out for hours
I've been stressing about missing work for this long
We don't have insurance
I hate feeling like I have no control over things

Seriously, so blessed! (again, in no particular order)

My grandparents, they have been so amazing the entire time we've been here. I really wish we lived closer.
Peter Carruth, the retired surgeon in my grandparents ward. He made sure I had the best surgeon available to do the surgery and even came in to assist so I didn't incur additional costs! He has even come to the hospital everyday to check on me.The man had never even met me and has been retired for years. It' s SO nice to know there are good people in this world still.
My dad, he has really stepped in! He's been so thoughtful and diligent in making sure I am taken care of!
Halle, you've been my sunshine. I love you little girl! Thank goodness you'll be too young to remember any of this.
Jonathan, he has been so wonderful through all of this. He has been "stuck" with my grandparents and dad (who he has met only about 5 times ever), playing Mr. Mom. We all know Jon doesn't have the biggest comfort zone and he has been so great this entire trip! I'm pretty sure my fam likes him more than me now!
Nick and Connie, they're my second parennts. They have been so concerned and supportive and have spoiled the heck out of Halle.
Karen, your plate is always so full but you always leave room for me. Thank you for being the best mother in law in the world!
Kia, such a beautiful girl. I wish I looked more like her and had her confidence.
Stacey, the most amazing cook ever and a mom to everyone. She should be everybody's role model.
Niko, Halle adored you and you always make Jon feel at home by watching the BYU vs U game with him!
Frank and Carol, such caring people. Thank you for pushing me to get this taken care of.
Jeanne, even though the magazines never actually made it to me THANK YOU for sending them my way. I love me some celebrity gossip.
Elisabeth, you may have thought it was boring but thanks for coming over and just talking to me for so long.
David Coven, without you we couldn't have made it out here. Thank you thank you for the buddy passes.
My bosses Doug and Mike, thanks guys for being so understanding. You're the best bosses anyone could ask for.
All my friends and family for the birthday wishes and love and support!