First family vacation in who even knows how long (with my side of the family that is) was so SO much fun! We went to So Cal and had a blast. Dad even came! Life was wonderful... We were there for Jenny's cheer nationals, haha poor Jon and J, they about died. We made up for it though by hitting up Laguna Beach, Balboa Island, Newport, Orange County swap meet and of course DISNEYLAND.
Halle was exhausted by the end of each night

She must have seen something more interesting than me holding a camera
Love the shades! And chins...

Ok so maybe Jon was the most excited about Dumbo
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Just now getting around to posting these, although we went March 26-April 2! What happened? The day we got back I ended up in the Emergency Room! Turns out I have gallbladder disease, they wanted to take it out right then and there but I refused. Sorry but I am against surgery at all costs (literally). Anyway i'm dealing with it now, slowly but surely. Doing a bunch of natural things, i.e. cleanses, herbs, dietary changes.... The hardest thing is really having to watch what I eat (good news is i've lost about 6lbs in the past 2 weeks). Honestly I would rather go through pregnancy/labor/delivery EVERYDAY for the rest of my life than have another gallbladder attack. It was by far the worst pain I have ever ever ever been in. So this explains my life for the past 2+ weeks... yes I was even in bed all day during Easter. Luckily Maga and Paga took Halle for the day so she could have a happy 1st easter.

Some of her favs.

Halle LOVED all the rides at Disneyland, although i'm pretty sure she was just digging all the fun colors and cool stuff to check out. She was such a big girl and rode Winnie The Pooh, Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Dumbo, Peter Pan, Mr.Toad's, Snow White, Roger Rabbit... seriously so many I can hardly remember them all.

.Peter Pan.

.Pirates of the Caribbean.

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Happiest Place on Earth

She really was SO good, she slept inbetween rides and didn't cry once

Jon thought the "Jedi" show was the coolest thing ever. I have to admit, it was pretty sweet.

Loving every second with daddy

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Her face is hilarious... you can tell we just got done with Peter Pan

Cali Cali

She's so freaking cute! Showing you her "leave me alone, i'm trying to concentrate" face

Our little family on Balboa

LOVE her


New Tricks
Finally Halle has mastered some fun new things. She sits all by herself (for a moment or so) and loves to stand any chance she can get. Still hasn't mastered rolling from back to front yet but we're working on it.Check her out doing it all on her own, she's growing up way too fast.

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Cash & Landry

Jon and I had a fun time looking after these two while Doug & Rori were off on one of their many vacations (someday that will be me). Landry and Halle are about 2 months apart and it's so fun having these two grow up together. Also we've already arranged the marriage of Cash and Halle.

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First things first...

I have completely neglected our blog lately, but at least it's been for good reason. So let's start from the beginning of our absence.

.Halle's 4 Month Pictures.
Like I said, GIANNE did these. She is in a word... Amazing! I can't wait for family pics in May!

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