Fun to be 1....

{Halle's 12 Month Stats}

Height. 31.3" ... 90th Percentile

Weight. 21.3lbs ... 50th Percentile

Head Circ ... 25th Percentile

At 1 year old this little girl...

.walks all over the place, officically started taking steps on her own on Halloween (the day before her birthday).

.will tell you what a dog (woof woof), cow (moo), owl (hoo hoo), and cat (mow) says.

.still dances like crazy.

.climbs up and onto everything.

.has found her bouncy seat from when she was just a baby and loves to chill in it.

.is a sassy little monster.

.went through a "bang my head on things when i'm mad" stage.

.loves/demands attention.

.has over 10 teeth, and she loves to brush them.

.loves having her hair done.

.trys to "do" her own hair while watching me do mine.

.says mama, dada, daddy, love you(duh doo), thank you (dank doo), and jabbers her own language constantly.

.gets SO excited whenever she sees her cousin Josh, she really loves him.

.is such a good eater, she'll eat pretty much whatev we give her.

.loves to feed herself.

.gets bored in her carseat, I can't blame her.

.still loving on bath time, she even puts herself under water for fun.

.loves animals.

.understands (and ignores) when we tell her no.

.is in destruction mode, she opens any drawer or cabinet she can .

.takes everything out of where it belongs... and then puts them back in .

.however give this girl a laundry basket of clean clothes and she's entertained for hours.

.screams SO loud and SO high, not a fan of this one.

.would love to climb the stairs up and down all day if only we'd let her.

.although she's sassy, she is the sweetest little thing. She gives loves to people constantly.

We're loving our little one year old. It seems like she's growing up too fast sometimes.

{This was taken at her birthday party, what a mess}

{This post is about 2 weeks late, but things have been crazy lately(well as far as work goes anyway). }



{what a difference a year makes}


A weekend full of firsts.

Everything from Trick or Treating, learning to walk, and turning ONE!

Again, trying to take a picture of 3 small children...

{As always, had a blast up at Jen & Pat's with the cousins!}

Cutest cow i've even seen

Had the fortune of meeting this adorable Newfoundland while trick or treating. She LOVED him!

Trick or Treat
{She loved every second of it, the journey to each door, josh yelling TRICK OR TREAT at the top of his lungs, meeting new people, and getting candy.}

Happy Birthday little bug!

{what an adventure....more pics to come soon}

{yup, she walks}