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Hogle Zoo

Adriana had Trace's 1st Birthday at the zoo. It was so fun and Adriana even got all the girls matching shirts and the boys too. We were happy we were able to make it and take Halle to the zoo for the first time. She didn't care too much for some of the animals, but wouldn't stop staring at the black bear... totally random. Maybe next year when she actually knows what's going on we'll get season passes.
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.6 Months.

{Halle's 6 month stats}

Height. 26.7" ... 75th Percentile

Weight. 16.14lbs ... 60th Percentile

Head... 40th Percentile

Looks like she's finally slowed down a bit, although her doctor said it wouldn't last. I am loving having a little girl while I can :). However, I can never seem to schedule her appointments before/when she is actually the right age. They always seem to be atleast a week behind.

.Rolling all over.

.Manuevers around in the most precarious ways.... we really don't know how she ends up where she does sometimes.

.All about dancing.

.Dances when she hears music.

.Dances when sitting.

.Dances when standing.

.Loves to stand and balance on something all by herself.

.Her doctor was very impressed with how well she sits up by herself.

.Sits in the bath now... and LOVES bath time even more now.

.Loves showers too.

.Jibber Jabbers to anyone/anything.

.Makes the funniest noises.

.Blows bubbles/spits constantly, I really don't know where she learned this.

.NO teeth yet (and doctor says she's not even close).

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Can I vent for just a second?
I am baffled lately at choices made by my sisters... I have myspace only to keep tabs on their lives every now and again. Why is it that everytime I log in (maybe once a month or so) I am bombarded with "updates/bulletins" regarding crazyness? i.e. pregnant friends, guys in DT or that have been kicked out of their houses for a number of reasons I swear you only see on TV, incidences involving the police AND tickets for misconduct, etc..... And since when is it cool for middle schoolers to use the F word as if it were nothing? Come on! My sisters are 15/16! Are you kidding me? I am just so surprised that in middle school this is going on, and my sister who is a sophomore has been partying/drinking it up too with all her cheer friends, great example!

I am not being hypocritical here.... I fully admit that I got a bit crazy a good number of times and it all started in highschool at the end of my senior year.
But at this age???
Seriously I am never ever putting my kids in public school if this kind of business is starting in middle school.

On a good note however.... Halle has her 6 month checkup in about an hour (a little late but it's the soonest I could get her in) so i'll post all her fun 1/2 year stats later.