Hobbes vs. The Dog Park

One thing I love (yes i'll admit, there are a choice number of "things" I love in Salt Lake) are the dog parks. Hobbers loves to run around a pretend he is a big dog, running over all the small dogs, getting tossed around by german shepards and what not..... Luckily Millrace Dog Park is right down the street from our house.

Oh these guys might like it too.....

Halle could watch the dogs for hours, she gets so excited and "talks" and claps at any dog who happens to look her way.


Happy 1st Fathers Day

It's true, Halle simply adores you Jonathan.

her face lights up when you're around.

she loves showing of for you... i.e. bouncing around in circles in her jumperoo, playing pat-a-cake, dancing whenever you start singing for her, and screaming da da da at the top of her lungs.

you somehow even get her to nap with you, (something she will not do if i'm around... she has to be left alone if i'm in the picture)

you make her laugh... hysterically

she's starting to look less like you, & act more like you

she's inherited your love of constantly playing with your hands

along with the picky eating habits

and the ability to just chill..... she's always been the best baby.

(I might be a bit jealous that you get to spend more time with her lately)


Lake Powell '09

{Halle enjoyed alot of this...}
{While we enjoyed ALOT of this.... }

{Jon wakeboarding... don't worry my picture taking skills make him look much better than he is :)}

{I guess when you're the only one taking pics... you don't get alot of yourself! I did alot more wakeboarding than this, I was SO sore at the end of the trip I could barely lift my hands over my head}

{Jon kneeboarding... I didn't know people still did this. I mean it is past 1990}

{Jen snapped this pic one night. Halle actually fell asleep like this, lately she is becoming more and more of a crazy sleeper}

{She had more fun sucking on the steering wheel than anything. Like her little piggys??}

{Chillin on the dock}

{LOVING the bedhead after one of their many naps}

{Halle & Morgan. They love eachother.}

{The beautiful cove we stayed in... gunsight maybe??}

{It was ALL because of these guys that we got to go! Thank you SO SO much Jen and Pat!}

{Lake Powell is seriously heaven on earth}


Halle's 1/2 year photos

Love the vintage edit, along with the black and white. These pics are priceless to me. For anyone.everyone looking for pictures that truly capture personality and create timeless images. Heidi J Photography is a must!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!