What's New? Pictures coming soon

Worst blogger.... ever? Quite possibly. Lately I have been sooooo overwhelmed with life. I feel like so much has gone on since my last post. Here's the skinny.

September went something like this

* OKLAHOMA. Whooo wooo. Hahaha, Jonathan, myself, sister Mariah, sister Kendra, J and baby Ret all flew out to Ponca City, Oklahoma for a family reunion. Not going to lie, we actually had a really good time. We caught up with family we haven't seen in YEARS and everyone got along so well. The majority of the time was spent just catching up and eating at some interesting (not so much tasty) places. Also the BYU game was watchable from the hotel so I had a happy husband. Kendra has the pictures from this, so I am just waiting on her to share the wealth :).

* 2 year anniversary! Yay... too bad we were in Oklahoma for a family reunion. Hahaha. We're just SO romantic.

* We moved, yup. 4th time since we've been married. We're pretty much all settled, just need Jon to put up the beadboard in babies room and I will happily post pictures :).

* Jill and Scott welcomed little Sam into the world. I love this little boy. He's a miniture Scottie!

* Rori had little Landry. Such a pretty pretty baby girl!

* Baby Showers. It was so nice of family/friends to throw these for me. Baby got some very cute stuff.

So far October has gone a little like this.

* Another (final) baby shower.

* Our little Hobbers got hit by a car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some jack a** just hit him and drove off, after dragging him under the car! I am crying right now typing this. Poor little guy. He got out and we couldn't find him all day/night so the next day we called the animal shelter and sure enough the driver behind the guy that hit Hobbes saw the whole thing happen and called Animal Services (his tags had been ripped off while he was being dragged). He's so lucky and we're so blessed. No broken bones, just badly beat up. Poor little guy can't even walk on his back legs. We're just happy he's ok.

*And to end on a good note, at my doctors appointment yesterday it turns out our little girl has dropped into position. I am dilated to a 1.5 and 70% effaced. Crazy how things are going. Still no stretchmarks (knock on wood) but I am HUGE. I am really debating even posting a pic later. My stomach is ginormous. Jon always looks at me and says "I don't know how you're stomach hasn't exploded". We're looking forward to meeting our little girl, and hopefully settling on a name sometime after we see her :). I've still got my favs and Jonathan has his.

Kinda boring without pics, but I know I haven't posted FOREVER. Just a little update for family and friends.