See told you I was preggers! Here's my belly at 28 weeks. It's crazy how a few weeks ago I wasn't so much "showing", but ta da, one day I just woke up and little missy had decided to shift forward. Before I was carrying posterior (the doctor still says I am, that'll be fun come labor) but atleast she's off my sciatic nerve 24/7! I have to admit, it's nice being asked when i'm expecting or what i'm having by people now. Before I swear they all just looked at me wondering why I had this awkward beer gut and had let myself go. Even my sister in law said to me the other day "oh yay, you finally look pregnant instead of just fat". Minus that last part, it was kind of a compliment. I think she means well. As inspired by Brianna, i've decided to share what I do enjoy about pregnancy. I feel like all I do is complain, so here we go.

Things I Enjoy about Being Pregnant

*When I can see the baby move, Jon and I will just sit there and watch her. It's kinda creepy but I love it!
*Still fitting into all my pants (the bella band makes it SO comfortable). Honestly I'm just happy I haven't had to waste money on maternity crap yet, and I get to save that money to buy cute stuff for our little girl!
*That Kendra just got a job at the CUTEST baby boutique and I get a nice little discount. It's in Kaysville and is called Cuddle Haven. Check it out!
*The satisfaction I get everytime I remind Jon that he's going to have a little girl. (He still SO wants a boy)
*Not having to suck in my gut... not that I could if I wanted to.
*Indulging in all the girly things, I have wanted to do a feminine room for so long and now I have an excuse. My baby's room.
*Finally justifying a Petunia Picklebottom bag. I have wanted one for so long.
*My sweets cravings. I have never been a big sweets lover, normally I do not enjoy ice cream and cookies and all that junk. But now I love 'em all so i'll take it while I can.

All in all, I will say that I am mos def not one of those people who LOVE being pregnant. In fact I can't see me doing this again anytime within the next 4-5 years, and conveinantly I told Jon that that is how long the doctor said I had to wait before we could start trying again, pretty sure he doesn't buy it but i'm sticking with it! Some days I enjoy it and others I'm so ready to be done with all of the weird aches and sharp pains that come from nowhere, the crazy anxiety I have all of a sudden about everything, running out of breath for no good reason, my swelling feet and hands after being out in the heat, these crazy ass mood swings and still throwing up on a weekly basis. Oh well, only 80 some odd days more of this.... and then things get really crazy :).