In case we miss ya!

Don't know why we're even sending these out in the mail.... seems like everything is digital these days anyway. O well. Enjoy!


I did it!

Before... (see I couldn't even hold her, I didn't want her to see me until after, when I could make it all better)

After... Right when she got done, SO sad!
Before... Poor Retlee, she had no idea what was coming
After... she actually cried more than Halle

So as you can see, actually I didn't do it, in fact I couldn't even watch! On saturday we took the girls to get their ears pierced... I was so nervous, but at the same time I wanted her to have pretty little earrings. Kendra is such a trooper and had no problems at all with Ret. She wasn't even nervous, I should have known I wouldn't be able to handle it. I had to hide when Halle got her 2 month shots done! It ended up with Kendra holding Halle, Kate taking pictures, and me wandering off with Ret to try to keep my mind off of it. It wasn't bad at all. As soon as I heard the chick say that she was done Halle screamed (she had a bit of a delayed reaction) and I ran and grabber her and she stopped.

p.s. even though you can't see in these pictures, Halle got little pearls. I LOVE them!!


Halle's Blessing Day

Wow! I feel so on top of things. I'm actually posting about something that happened today! We can thank the Superbowl for keeping everyone occupied :).
Today we blessed Halle and everything went better than I even imagined. Jonathan gave her a wonderful blessing and we had alot of friends and family there to support us.

She started out the day like this....
And by the time we got home from church, ended up like this

Luckily Maga always makes it better

Family & Friends

My gorgeous sistas (haha, Ken and Jen)

Natalie & Kasia

Jill & Sam

Jon & Scott... being Jon & Scott

The mom's. We love them!

Thank you again to everyone who came(Laura & Matt, Jenna, Clarke Family, etc...). It really means alot to me. I was so so so happy to see everyone, I almost started crying! I didn't get pics of alot of people, sometimes I am the worst at making sure to take pictures.