Happy Birthday To Us

Wow! Time flies. I didn't realize how long it's been since my last post until I was talking to my mom today and she mentioned the pics of Halle were over 2 weeks old. Whoops. Some fun things we've been up to lately. The Couture vs. Lesnar UFC fight @ Robin's with Rori & Doug and fam, BYU vs. Utah (let's just not talk about that one), and combined family birthday party @ the Steak House (thank you grandma) November is quite the month for birthdays in our families. Halle starts it off on the 1st, Jon's is the 17th and mine is tomorrow (the 26th). Not too mention Nana (the 14th), Erin (the 10th) and Jen (the 6th). It's pretty crazy. Other than all that not too much going on here, just adjusting to life as parents. We're pretty lucky, she already sleeps about 7 hours a night. However I need some advice... the nursing is not going so well. I am just not producing enough milk and I just started supplementing her with formula a couple days ago. I don't know what to do. Did anyone else have this problem? I feel like i'm not ready to be done breastfeeding yet. Any knowledge/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Still loving bath time, I love this little robe.


1 Week Already

This week has flown by, I guess we can thank the lack of sleep for that. I never ever thought I would love being a mom this much!

She always sucks on her bottom lip

Constantly playing with her hands, she's totally a thumb sucker

First bath @ home

Haha! LOVE this face, look at that chub!

Grandma's so nice to teach me how to bathe a baby in the sink

Right after her bath, she's so happy when she's naked

Thank you thank you whoever invented the binki!

Go Cougs!! All wrapped up in the blanket I made her/Jon.

Our sleeping beauty


Halle Jeanne Lambert

She's here!!!
Halle Jeanne Lambert
November 1st, 2008 6:16pm
8lbs. 6oz.
21" Long
Yes people, you are reading that right. Apparently I have pretty big babies, especially surprising because I was told I would have a 6.5lb baby! She is perfect. We love her so much! She has been SO good, she isn't fussy, breastfeeding has been a breeze and she's sleeping so well. Halle especially loves baths and having her diaper changed! I think it's so funny.

Can't figure out why this one is upside down

Proud daddy (and his awesome bed head!)

Minutes after birth. I LOVE her red lips!

My AWESOME nurse!

One of the many positions they had me in to try to move her! This was even after the epidural, I could totally still feel my legs and everything. It was nice!

So tired

Don't know why this one is sideways....
The Birth
Friday night (Halloween) Jon and I decided it was time to go into the hospital. I was over my due date and for the past 2 days I had been having a really hard time breathing and had this constant headache, which was really strange for me because I NEVER get headaches. Not to mention all the swelling, everything from my feet to my nose was significantly wider. We got to the hospital and they checked all my vitals and my blood pressure was 140/70! This was EXTREMELY unusual for me, my blood pressure hadn't gone above 90/52 this entire pregnancy. So they called my doc and checked again and it was 160/70. It was determined that I had preeclampsia so they told me I was having this baby ready or not. I was SO ready :). They started me on pitocin because I was only dilated to a 3 and hadn't been progressing although I was 95% effaced. After a little bit I got the epidural, which was awesome! Seriously people, I don't know what all the fuss is about, I would get one everyday if they'd let me. I ended up with a fever after my water broke so they gave me antibiotics and put an internal monitor in to check her heartbeat. Also she was faced up and would not move regardless of what position I was in so the doctor had to manually reach up there and turn her! That was probably the worst pain I felt. After that I pushed for about and hour and Halle was born! I barely tore so they put 2 stitches in me just in case.Labor/Delivery was great, I would do it again tomorrow.