I don't think she'll ever have a name

Why does it seem like EVERYONE I talk to (who is expecting, obviously) already knows exactly what they are going to name their child?? Jon and I canNOT agree on anything. Everytime we think we have come to some sort of conclusion, one of us decides within a couple of days that we hate it. We want something unique but not weird, you know so she doesn't go to school with 5 other girls with the same name? So far these names have come and gone

(don't hate it, don't LOVE it)
(decided it sounded too much like the made up name my sister gave her kid, "Retlee")
(But what would we call her for short?? Cady... come on! That's MY name)
(again, don't love it)
(this one is my fav, but Jon's not so hot on it)
AND if Jon had his way Sevin
(like from Seinfeld, and no people, this is not a joke. I get mixed reviews, some love it some hate it. We would call her Sevi. The more I hear it the less I hate it, but I just don't want her to get made fun of)
And don't even get me started on the middle name. I want it to mean something and Jon couldn't care less. My middle name is after my grandma and I want to stay with family tradition. I don't know why, but I get anxiety way bad about this. I just wish we had her name settled on. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE has anyone else had this hard of a time with this? And please if anyone has suggestions let me know, we are almost desperate at this time.


Mikelle said...

Even though it doesn't really matter i like the name Reese a lot. Maybe your husband wil warm up to it. Plus i like Sevi, what about that. Good luck you still have awhile, it will come.

rickellespinoza said...

Oh kaity, I am about 6 weeks or so from delivery and I have NO clue what we are naming this little peanut. I have the same anxiety about it as you do. Every time I think of a name I like, or even semi-like, my husband hates it, and vice versa. I decided I am going to continue to look for ideas and this may just be a child who doesn't have a name until it is born! haha
btw, I am partial to Chloe... haha

Tyler, Monica & Nathan Murset said...

I like Reese too, and they usually give the paper work to the Mom, so you could really name her whatever you wanted!jk You will know when you get the right one. I like the middle name being meaningful too. Good Luck!

Tyler & Macy Kennett said...

I have always loved Reese! Reese it is! haha

Jake and Jace said...

Kaity!! Okay so, I love the name Sevin!! I think it is adorable!! Very unique...

I also love Reese! ALOT!

You are not alone in the naming area! We had no clue... I read that Baby Name book cover to cover like 10 times... We were all over the place. It wasn't until like 3 days before he was born that we went back to Lexington. Then, after he was born and Jake was filling out the birth certificate we decided to go with it. He was no name for at least a full day!
You'll be fine! Don't stress! It will just come to you...

About the cakes, we can make them really quick, so maybe a couple weeks in advance... just to be safe!

Hope all is well for you!!



I get the naming thing totally, I actually hate the process, just go with what you love and what you think she looks like! I love Sevin, but I obviously like different things, If you are going to call her Sevi, maybe just pick that, Sevi lambert is so so cute! I also love REese, I still want to hang out by the way!

Anonymous said...

I had a really hard time deciding on this baby's name. For some reason I just knew that "haley" should be Haley... but this baby was a lot different. Chaz was difficult too because he didn't like anything, but he didn't have input either.. I hated not having a name. I felt like my baby didn't have an identity and I felt it hard to connect so one day I just said "We're naming him Nixon and that's final" so that's what we did and since then he's become Nixon and the more time passes the more right it just feels. Sometimes I think you just need to pick and then the baby will become the name. Also, don't stress... Lots of baby's come into this world without a set name.

Laura Edwards said...

I like Reese and I like Sevi (though I don't remember it in Seinfeld.)

Jocelyn said...

Don't worry...My sister is 7+ months pregnant and she doesn't even have 1 name picked! :) but I'm sure whatever you end up naming her it will be perfect!

Steve & Camille Jennings said...

If it makes you feel any better...Steve and I didn't pick our little boys name until I was laying in the hospital bed just before delivery!!

Laura Dalton said...
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The Batistas said...

Dont worry. With my 2nd son we did not pic his name until about a week after he was born. Congrats!

karamea.pearl said...

haha i really love that nikki's baby was the unknown bastista boy for a week! but he's cute as a button so that makes it okay!

i have all these names running through my head but that'd make for a very long comment! reese is a very pretty name. and not common. i went to school with a girl named tehmi ..pronounced like tay-me...and i always loved her name.

i love different names. honestly it does suck having to always pronounce my name for people, but it's definitely worth it. don't stress kat you'll find the perfect name for her!

Grandma said...

Hi Kaity: Just in case you didn't know, Sevin is the name of a poison that you spray on your yard. Just for grins. Gayle L