I don't think she'll ever have a name

Why does it seem like EVERYONE I talk to (who is expecting, obviously) already knows exactly what they are going to name their child?? Jon and I canNOT agree on anything. Everytime we think we have come to some sort of conclusion, one of us decides within a couple of days that we hate it. We want something unique but not weird, you know so she doesn't go to school with 5 other girls with the same name? So far these names have come and gone

(don't hate it, don't LOVE it)
(decided it sounded too much like the made up name my sister gave her kid, "Retlee")
(But what would we call her for short?? Cady... come on! That's MY name)
(again, don't love it)
(this one is my fav, but Jon's not so hot on it)
AND if Jon had his way Sevin
(like from Seinfeld, and no people, this is not a joke. I get mixed reviews, some love it some hate it. We would call her Sevi. The more I hear it the less I hate it, but I just don't want her to get made fun of)
And don't even get me started on the middle name. I want it to mean something and Jon couldn't care less. My middle name is after my grandma and I want to stay with family tradition. I don't know why, but I get anxiety way bad about this. I just wish we had her name settled on. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE has anyone else had this hard of a time with this? And please if anyone has suggestions let me know, we are almost desperate at this time.


Oh my teeny bopper overload!

Monday night I went to the American Idols Live Tour. Jon's mom bought us all tickets, although Jon would not be caught dead there so it was just me along with his mom and dad, his sisters, my brother in law and the 5 MILLION screaming little teeny boppers just waiting for a peice of that David Archuleta. Chickezie started it off and was SO boring, then Ramiele... Also SO boring (but atleast she's cute), Michael Johns did so so so so good. He did a couple Aerosmith songs and I liked them better than the originals, he was my favorite of the night. Carly was awesome, her voice is so powerful. Then Kristy Lee Cook came on thinking she was hotter than Shania Twain... I ALWAYS hated her, I don't know how she made it as far as she did OR how she was considered the "hot" one. You can imagine I was even more bugged when she actually didn't suck. She was much better than she ever was on the show, but I still can't stand her. Brooke was cute but so cheezy, as usual. Jason Castro started off singing Over The Rainbow and I really liked it, he has a Jason Mraz feel. David Archuleta did amazing, he's just so cute. He sang awesome songs, including When you Say you Love Me by Josh Groban. It was so hard to hear him because everyone (even the 50 year old ladies behind us) were screaming SO effing loud!! He even got all teary and choked up. Last but not least was David Cook, I was never his biggest fan but he did good. I think by that time (3 1/2 hours later) I was just SO ready to go home. My back was killing me thanks to the lovely chairs and I had the worst headache thanks to the 13 year old girls (and boys for that matter). I felt like such a grandma. I don't think i'll ever go to a concert again while i'm pregnant :).


Really preparing for baby

Atleast that's what Jon says :). Say hello to our newest ventute into debt. Hahaa, actually we got more than a steal on it and ended up paying LESS than we did for my car. We'd been looking around for a couple months now for an SUV and we're so so so blessed to find our new Pathfinder. It's an '05 (older than my sentra was) BUT it has less miles (only about 27,000) SCORE! Also it has so many nice features, not too mention 4 wheel drive. Looks like i'm fully invested into being a mommy and living in the north pole.

Plus i'm pretty sure Jon loves driving around in something that doesn't so much resemble a chick car. Haha! Love you baby!